Disney: The “Feud” series is on the platform!


Fans of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford will be delighted. The “Feud” series is finally available on the Disney + platform

In 2017, a film was released retracing the ego war of two Hollywood actresses: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Their “war” recounted in the Feud series. If you liked this one and wanted to see it again, know that it is now available on Disney +.

Good news that should reconcile many people with Mickey’s streaming platform. Indeed, at its launch, many fans were disappointed. Blame it on a rather limited choice of films and series.

Certainly, you could find many cult cartoons or embark on the long-awaited Star Wars: The Mandalorian series. Still, Disney + also didn’t have a huge catalog that could satisfy everyone.

The best example is the Marvel. Many films, being part of the MCU, are missing. In other words, if you wanted to redo the whole timeline until Thanos arrived, you missed it. And speaking of Thanos, neither Infinity War nor Endgame are available …

So you will understand, Disney + has slightly missed its launch. But in recent months, the streaming platform seems to have raised the bar. With WandaVision, on the one hand, but also with Feud who is finally coming.

If some think that this series deals with the famous founder of psychoanalysis, they are wrong. Indeed, an “r” is missing in the title and that changes everything.


So what is this series about, which the film was released in 2017? As we let you know, Ryan Murphy, in his project deals mainly with the “war” between two actresses. These meet on the set of Robert Aldrich’s film What Happened to Baby Jane ?.

A meeting that dates from several years ago because it was in 1962 that it took place. Date that Disney + did not exist. Allociné recalls about the relationship between the two actresses that “behind the scenes as on the set, they were engaged in a merciless confrontation. Where all the blows were allowed. ”

Despite everything, know that the series is not only about the rivalry between them. In fact, according to the media, she will also talk about much heavier subjects such as misogyny. Allociné adding in effect:

“Rich, famous, untouchable, and yet. Feud demonstrates that, despite their power, actresses are subject to the dictates of the big studios and those who run them. An oppression reserved for women. ”

In this series in 8 episodes, you will be able to find the rivalry between the two actresses. But also to see how sexism was part of the middle at that time. Something that hasn’t really changed in 2021 either, unfortunately …

If you are interested in everything we just told you and you haven’t seen the film yet, we invite you to watch the series. Simply by going to Disney +.


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