Disney teaches you how to draw its most iconic characters with this tutorial

Disney teaches you how to draw its most iconic characters with this tutorial. These videos will show you how easy it is to portray the animated characters from your favorite movies.

With a long season at home, you may start to get bored after having done all your planned activities , it is likely that the other people you live with face similar situations and also, it becomes difficult to find activities that promote coexistence because everyone they have their own interests.

But there is something that always brings us closer and that is Disney, most people can enjoy these films and, at some point in their life, they probably developed a special affection for a certain animated character .

Disney has a tool that will be very useful to you during these days, you will be able to have fun, reunite your family including the little ones and you will be able to capture the best of your favorite animated characters from your home but with the help of an expert.


The YouTube channel Disney Parks has in its catalog a series of video tutorials where step by step an expert will guide you so that you can draw the character you choose yourself, the duration of the clip will depend on the complexity of each character, but most they last between 10 and 30 minutes.

These videos will show you how to portray the characters from classic movies , but also some of the most innovative, all through simple strokes that you can replicate thanks to the video guide you will be receiving.

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Best of all, you can pause and go back as many times as you want to get the best possible result with your strokes, do you know who you want to draw? Check out one of the videos here and dare to show your artist skills.



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