Disney +: Star offer comes to streaming platform!


This Tuesday, February 23, Disney + is launching its new Star offer. Subscribers will be able to discover many series and films.

Disney + intends to compete with other platforms. She therefore decided to launch her Star offer which contains many series and many films.

Disney + has just grown, to the delight of subscribers. The platform was created on April 7, 2020 and quickly won over young people with its content. And for good reason, subscribers can find the great classics of Disney and series like Hannah Montana. Then, Star Wars fans were also served.

So, in theory, everyone could find what they are looking for on the platform. However, the choices remained limited and the chain therefore wanted to go further. And for good reason, it must compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, but also with the new French platform, Salto.

Disney + therefore wanted to remedy this and attract even more customers. For this, she launched her Star offer, available since Tuesday, February 23. This new tab on the platform allows more content to be offered to fans. However, these are not Disney originals.

Thus, on Star, fans will be able to review Revenge, Desperate Housewives or even 24 hours flat. Then, at the film level, there is something for all tastes and for all ages. In the end, there are more than 40 series and 250 films on the platform. Especially since the channel offers unreleased material and promises to put other series and films online.

Disney +: the Star offer is finally coming to the streaming platform!

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In terms of new, Disney + offers the Big Sky series with Katheryn Winnick. The thriller-like series is currently airing on ABC channel in the United States. French fans will therefore be able to watch the first season in peace. Then, French shows like The Red Bracelets or Je te promis will also arrive soon.

So this is a very nice offer from the channel. We suspect that subscribers will be happy to see all new content with a wide variety of choices. This time, Disney wanted to please adults and everyone is finally happy. However, all of this still comes at a cost.

The little Star icon has slipped next to National Geogaphic and you need to update your smartphone in order to access it. However, Disney + has increased its prices for the release of its new section. As of today, customers will no longer pay € 6.99, but € 8.99, echoes Télé-Loisirs.

So that’s two euros more per month that the channel’s subscribers will have to pay. However, this shouldn’t put them off too much given the breadth of content. We just have to wait and see if Disney fans will be happy with this new offer. In any case, the channel is ambitious in the face of the competition.


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