Disney Seeks New Release Date For Black Widow


Disney is considering delaying the Black Widow movie, which it had postponed several times before. It is also claimed that the company will carry the movie Soul, which will be released in November, to Disney Plus.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic affecting the whole world, film studios continue to postpone the dates of their upcoming productions to meet with the audience. According to the news in Variety, Disney is considering delaying the Black Widow movie, which will be released on November 6.

However, some films seem to experience changes in the screening location rather than being delayed. One of these films is Pixar’s animated movie Soul, which will be released on November 20. Although Disney is looking for new release dates for the Soul movie, it is likely to be released on the Disney + platform.

Movies continue to be delayed

Although many countries around the world are working to return to normal, movies continue to be postponed. We mentioned above that Black Widow is likely to be delayed and Soul is likely to come to Disney Plus.

Apart from these, Warner Bros. Wonder Woman, which will be released in October, postponed 1984 to December. Candyman has been postponed to 2021 until October in Greenland, which features Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. At the moment, No Time to Die remains the only movie in addition to Tenet that can attract a large number of audiences to movie theaters.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet, has achieved a worldwide box office gross of $ 207 million. Box Office Turkey according to the data in our country has managed to attract a total of 129 thousand 626 spectators and was able to collect a revenue of $ 2.7 million in total. Without the coronavirus epidemic, Tenet would have risen above these numbers.

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Disney has not yet decided on what date it will postpone Black Widow. It is also unknown how such a move will affect the future of movies such as Eternals and Thor: Love and Thunder.


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