Disney +’s Watch Party Feature Revealed in Source Codes


Disney’s digital broadcasting service Disney +, which started broadcasting last year, will soon open the watch party feature to its users. The feature has entered the source code of the platform.

Late last year, Disney launched its own digital streaming platform, Disney +. The platform, which has become very popular in a short time, has managed to gain millions of subscribers, although it has not yet been opened to the whole world.

The entertainment giant is now developing a new feature for its subscribers to watch content with their friends. According to the news, there is a watch party feature among the codes in the platform.

Watch party feature may come to Disney +

The new watch party feature, previously introduced by Disney Plus Informer, will give platform subscribers the chance to watch TV series and movies together, albeit in a virtual environment, by adding their friends. Although there are various Chrome extensions and applications that provide this feature, Disney aims to eliminate the need for a third party software.

With this feature, users will be able to watch the content with 6 friends, also chat with them, send emojis and stickers. There will probably be a PIN setting that will keep kids away from unsuitable groups.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people cannot come together in many countries, and people may choose to distance themselves when legally permitted. This situation pushes the platforms to find new alternatives.

Watch party not exclusive to Disney +

The coronavirus pandemic was already creating serious disruptions for many cinema productions. Many films had been delayed, and many had stopped being produced. This caused a serious increase in interest in digital broadcasting platforms. This was seen to have made Disney + a better-than-expected start, too.

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Amazon Prime also activated the watch party feature for its subscribers in the USA. Now the Disney + platform is expected to bring this feature. It is expected that the feature will come soon, as it is included in the source code.


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