Disney releases Cruella’s first live action trailer


Disney has embarked on a wave of live-actions that, it seems, are here to stay. With Disney Plus on the air, then, it is even more interesting for the audiovisual industry giant to offer constant reinterpretations of its classics.

So a new flesh and blood version of Cruella De Vil is coming. The company announced that the iconic 101 Dalmatian character is winning her own film. She will be played by none other than Emma Stone.

The announcement of the film is hardly new: Disney even planned to launch it at Christmas 2020, but due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus that closed cinemas, the company changed its strategy and now the film arrives on May 28, 2021.

Disney, however, has yet to say whether the release will be exclusive to theaters or whether the novelty will also be available on Disney Plus. Recently we saw that the company is launching some features simultaneously in theaters and streaming, charging a kind of virtual (and very expensive) ticket on this last channel.

Remember, HBO Max is another platform that, for 2021, chose to premiere its next films in cinemas and streaming, in a decision that is not confirmed to be replicated in Brazil. Warner’s service arrives here in June.

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