Disney could release a new ‘Star Wars’ movie


Disney could release a new ‘Star Wars’ movie. These are the plans and details that one of the biggest franchises has for its new film.

Star Wars is one of the biggest sagas in the history of cinema , with thousands of fans and followers who are looking forward to what will produce the production of that story .

It is assured that Lucasfilm will venture to an upcoming project , everything indicates that this film will be in charge of JD Dillard who has written for several science fiction works and Matt Owens who is responsible for writing for the MARVEL house.

Although it is possible that you train at Disney +, no more details have been provided, neither of the history , nor of the official cast of this new film, but it is said that it was the planet Sith , the executives would be analyzing the different Opportunities to continue with the trend in which Star Wars remains in the first places of sales at the box office.

All this was reported by Hollywood Reporter , who also talked about the possibility that the franchise would focus on deepening the story in other passages in which something more interesting for fans can explode , also that until 2021 more details of this new one will be known film.


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