Disney prepares prequel to Beauty and the Beast


Disney prepares prequel to Beauty and the Beast. Disney’s plans to show us beyond its classic stories continue.

Seeing the classic Disney stories in a Live Action format has become a constant that has allowed us to relive the stories and movies of our childhood , but, in addition, these new versions offer a different personality to some of the most important characters.

With the evolution of these narratives, the important points of each story have been maintained, but the characters have acquired an even more interesting personality . The reason is that they do not present us with figures that are completely good or completely bad, in contrast, these characters are elaborated with a gray scale that allows us to see the light and the darkness in each one of them.

That is something we saw during Maleficent , a formula that will be repeated with the new series that Disney plans to create to discover the origin of the evil of Gastón, the villain of Beauty and the Beast . There will be six episodes in a musical format that will show us the life of this character before his facet trying to conquer Bella and, although it is not known if Bella and Beast will have a role in this production, if Le Fou, the faithful companion of Gason.

Gastón will be portrayed again by Luke Evans and, although for now the production has no plans to start filming, it is expected that when the situation of COVID-19 calms down , this series will begin to show progress.


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