Disney Plus will get Mulan debut but will charge for it


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the launch of new films had to be rethought, considering the need to preserve the social distance that helps to control the curve and decrease the rate of infection, until a really effective treatment or a vaccine that offers immunization.

One of the bets that we have seen happening in this sense is to abandon the debut in theaters and bet directly on the offer for streaming services, which happened to ‘Scooby! The Movie ‘and that can also happen with the live action Mulan.

According to information released by the platform, the film should premiere on Disney Plus on September 4, but will require “rent” in parallel to the monthly subscription that is already paid by the service user, confirming that the price (at least in the American market) will be US $ 30, that is, around R $ 158 in direct conversion.

Also according to information released by CNET, the expectation is that other countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and several other Western European countries should receive the launch in the same way, with an offer expected to be close to that charged to Americans.

According to Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, the premiere will not, however, exclude availability in cinemas, for countries that have rooms open on the promised premiere date, as well as those that do not yet have the Disney Plus service available in their country.

“We see this as an opportunity to bring this incredible film to a wide audience currently unable to go to theaters, and to further increase the value and attractiveness of the Disney Plus subscription with great content”

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It is worth remembering that today, we also saw the information that Chapek confirmed the arrival of the service in Brazil by the end of the year, which would place the country among those capable of receiving the film via streaming.


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