Disney Plus: WandaVision will have two more episodes


It seems that, like Wanda, Disney wants to rewrite reality. After confirming that WandaVision, the first series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the starting point of Phase 4, would feature nine episodes in its first and possibly only season, social media now says there could be ten. But this may be a confusion.

With the release of episode 8, In the Previous Chapters, this Friday (no spoilers here), we expected next week’s episode to be the last of the series, but the official accounts of Disney Plus Brazil and Disney Plus France on Twitter claim that “only 2 episodes left” to the end.

The problem is that, possibly, Disney is including this eighth episode in the count. In other words: there are only two episodes left, including today’s one, totaling 9, not two more episodes than this week’s, totaling 10.

As sites like IMDB continue to claim that WandaVision has 9 episodes, Marvel’s first MCU series is expected to go as planned, with the season finale taking place in the first week of March totaling 9 episodes and leaving loose ends so that the story continues for the next productions, such as Falcão and the Winter Soldier, which opens on March 19, and Loki, which opens in June, in addition to having great implications for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The penultimate episode of WandaVision is now available on Disney Plus and sets the stage for the end of the series next week, which promises to reveal great details of the plot. Anxious?


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