Disney Plus may have an adult content section


A few weeks ago, information began that Disney Plus – the streaming service of the American company – will finally arrive in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. A few days later we already had confirmation of the date for this premiere, based on an “accidental” tweet posted by the Latin America streaming profile on Twitter: November 17th.

As for the service catalog, the information we have so far is that the titles present will be content for the whole family. However, according to rumors, this may change from now on. This is because “confidential sources” by Bill Hunt, founder of “The Digital Bits”, claim that the platform will have a section with content with an indicative rating of +18, that is, recommended exclusively for adults. With that, movies like Deadpool 1 and 2 and Logan may be part of the streaming catalog.

Hunt also points out that, despite the supposed availability of content in the Disney Plus streaming catalog, this section will be separate from the other titles and can only be accessed by entering a PIN code.

In addition, Bill explains that the insertion of films by Fox or MGM, for example, in the Disney Plus grid is justified because the streaming already has more popularity than Hulu, which also belongs to Disney, but is available, for now, in the United States and Japan only.

I’ve heard interesting reports from sources in the past few days that Disney is essentially creating a more adult section of Disney +, which will require PIN code access.

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And this is where all the content from Fox and MGM will move forward. Including a lot of 4K. It makes sense for some of these Fox and MGM titles to go to Disney + because it already has a much wider international reach than Hulu (which is only available in the U.S. and Japan at the moment).
It is important to note that this information is only a rumor at the moment, so it may be that the content with a rating of +18 remains available only on Hulu.

Remember that, to date, there is no official price information for Disney Plus subscriptions in Brazil, but it is expected to be around R $ 28.99


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