Disney Plus filters by ERROR launch date in Latin America


A mistake or a gift for Latin America? Disney Plus published the exact date of its premiere.

An alleged error in Twitter has led Latin America to await the soon release of one of the most anticipated streaming platforms: Disney Plus.

Disney Plus, or better known as Disney +, is the new streaming service that began to provide service in the United States last November 2019. Initially, it was announced that the launch was planned for all of Latin America until 2021.

However, they changed their plans and announced that it will be this year when competition from other digital platforms will be released. They indicated that it would be during the month of November, without giving an exact date, that it would arrive in Mexico and the rest of the American continent.

Disney Plus mistake makes Latin America happy

Until today, they mistakenly filtered the exact opening day and even the hashtag they would use to give the announcement.

It was through the Twitter account where Disney + Latin America wrote the following: “[DO NOT PUBLISH] I post announcing the launch of Disney + in Latin America on November 17. * Note: use hashtag #DisneyPlus, ”the company wrote on Twitter.

It was in November 2019, when the launch of Disney + generated great expectations to the point that users saturated and brought down the platform’s servers, with which the entertainment company plans to compete with Netflix, the giant in the field.

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