Disney Plus: CEO confirms flow to Brazil


Since the end of last year, information about the launch of the streaming service Disney Plus in Brazil began to be released, however with a long forecast for this to happen. Now, according to Disney CEO Bob Chapek himself, that wait is coming to an end, as the service will debut on Brazilian soil by the end of this year.

The businessman stated, during an interview in which he commented on the company’s fiscal gains in the third quarter of 2020, that Disney Plus services are expected to reach several Latin American countries – including Brazil – in November and that this meets the planned target by the company previously, which was to launch streaming in the region by the end of this year. The executive also commented on the success of the platform worldwide:

“Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we continue to build on the incredible success of Disney Plus as we expand our global ‘direct to consumer’ businesses. The global reach of our complete portfolio of direct customer services now exceeds the staggering 100 million subscriptions. paid – a significant milestone and a reaffirmation of our DTC [acronym for direct-to-consumer, which we consider to be the key to our company’s future growth.

Bob Chapek
Disney CEO

Despite the arrival of Disney Plus in Brazil, the executive did not comment on the company’s other streaming services, Hulu and ESPN Plus. With the Disney Plus catalog, subscribers to the service can wait for original series such as “The Mandalorian” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

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It is also worth remembering that, with the arrival of streaming in the country, some films and series may (or should) leave the Prime Video catalog as part of the agreement signed between the two companies in October last year.


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