Disney Plus Brasil: How to subscribe to the Disney stream


This Tuesday (17), the Disney + streaming platform arrived in Brazil. Launched 11 months ago, on November 12, 2019, the service covers the contents of Disney, as well as its other companies, and all are fully available through a subscription plan in the amount of R $ 27.90 at Disney Plus Brasil.

For anyone interested in trying the platform, before deciding to subscribe to it, in fact, you can take advantage of the seven free tasting days offered by the service.

In addition, in order to offer viewers a wider range of content, Globoplay has entered into a partnership with Disney +.

Those who subscribe to both platforms in a combo will win exclusive discounts, in addition to the opportunity to check out various films, series, programs, soap operas and other things that are very interesting. The single offer has a value of R $ 43.90.

Disney Plus: is it worth signing?

In the Disney Plus Brasil catalog there is a multitude of contents. Certainly, the new streaming service available in Brazil will be able to please different types of audiences, also counting on productions aimed at being seen as a family.

Star Wars

Present in the platform, there are the contents of the Star Wars franchise, organized in chronological order of launch, as well as its spin-offs. The Mandalorian series, the first original set in the Star Wars universe, is now in its 2nd season and providing new episodes weekly.


For anyone who is a fan of comics, the good news is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is very well organized in the catalog. Whoever wants, can choose to watch the films in order of release or also in narrative order. There are also all the films in the X-Men franchise, as well as other content such as animations and series.

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National Geographic and Pixar

National Geographic content can also be accessed through Disney +. In addition, those who like Pixar’s animations cannot fail to check out all the features and short films in the studio. Obviously, the classic Disney series and films are also present in the catalog.


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