Disney+: Peter Pan and Dumbo are unavailable for children


Disney + has restricted children’s profile access to some of the studio’s most famous titles. Films like Peter Pan, Dumbo, Aristogatos and The Robinson Family were removed from the catalog accessed by children.

Disney justified the decision by explaining that the films make negative representations of other cultures and depict outdated stereotypes of ethnic minorities. The restriction is part of a series of company initiatives to ensure that the service is more inclusive and representative.

On the streaming Help Center page, the company explains that “titles with a content warning related to negative representations and / or mistreatment of people or cultures” have been excluded for all users who use the Child Profile.

It is important to note that adult profiles can still access the removed content, but the titles have the warning that the feature has negative representations of minority groups. “These stereotypes were wrong at the time and they are wrong now. Instead of removing content, we want to recognize its harmful impact, learn from it and start conversations to create a more inclusive future together. ”

The warning directs the user to the Stories Matters page, which explains why the contents are sensitive.


Warner Bros. he also decided to take an initiative in relation to the most “problematic” characters in his children’s narratives. Pepe Le Pew will not be part of the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, a sequel to Space Jam, released 25 years ago.

The character is a skunk that is behind the cat Penélope and appears several times chasing and making “amorous” advances without consent. The studio decided to end Pepe Le Pew’s appearances for his macho behavior and, according to the company, for normalizing the culture of rape in Looney Tunes cartoons.


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