Disney+: Original Series To Be Released On Wednesdays


Disney+ has announced that all of its original series will come to streaming service on Wednesdays. The change in schedule, previously scheduled for Fridays, is the result of Loki’s audience success — the first of the format to debut on that day of the week. In addition to this factor, the platform’s strategy is to avoid competition on weekends with movie releases, due to the reopening of theaters in the US — a reflection of the control of the pandemic in the country.

As a result, the decision changed the date of the next streaming titles: Monsters at Work, the sequel to Pixar’s monster franchise, will debut on July 7th; Turner & Hooch, an investigative series, and Behind the Attraction, a documentary about the development of various areas of the studio’s theme park, will arrive on July 21.

In addition to these, attractions from the Marvel and Star Wars universe, such as What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and The Mandalorian, will have their episodes released every Wednesday, but still without defined dates.

According to audience metrics released by Samba TV, Loki became the most watched content in its debut on the 9th, information that was confirmed by Disney. The mechanism pointed out that the God of Cheating program won over 890 thousand people on the first day, surpassing Falcão and the Winter Soldier (759 thousand) and WandaVision (655 thousand). However, studio sources pointed out that the numbers are incomplete, as the unofficial channel does not consider mobile viewers.

New reality in streaming series consumption

In this context, the Deadline website also shared comments by Kevin Feige, made during a Paley Dialogue conference. The president of Marvel Studios said that the growing success of the series adapted from the comics is also a result of discussion and reviews, from fans and specialized critics, right after the airing of an episode, which leads to more subscribers to the platform.

Regarding the good scenario, Feige said he is still “learning and discovering [new launch strategies]. Success allows you to keep growing and evolving. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about numbers, whether it’s budget or box office. I think about them as they allow us to do more work”.


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