Disney+: Movies And Series To Watch On Halloween With The Family


Disney+: If you have a Disney Plus account, you should know that the streaming platform has a huge catalog for all ages and tastes, including movies and series perfect to watch on Halloween 2021 with your whole family.

But after all, with so much variety, how do you choose what to watch on Disney+ on Halloween? To help you in this task, we selected some movies and series that are part of the streaming catalog to guarantee you entertainment, lots of fun and light scares during Halloween. Check it out below:

Just beyond

Just Beyond is a program for you to enjoy Disney Plus on TV, with 8 episodes that take different characters in each of them, such as Veronica (Mckenna Grace) and Ella (Lexi Underwood), to new adventures in a supernatural world with aliens, ghosts and witches.

The series also explores teen issues such as bullying and self-acceptance in society.


Maleficent is the first of the two Disney+ movies and tells the classic story of Sleeping Beauty’s villain with Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) as the protagonist, as well as Aurora (Elle Fanning) amidst the plots of the witch.

The work available on the platform shows how Maleficent became the villain of this well-known story and portrays her point of view of events.


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