Disney Mirrorverse: The Best Team line-up for Dungeons


In the dungeon mode in the Disney Mirrorverse, players explore five floors and collect resources by performing combat actions, and some Guardians are better suited for this than others. Choosing the right team is especially important when going through dungeons, because the team cannot be changed until a new race begins. Dungeons are one of the last game modes unlocked in the Disney Mirrorverse, so players will need to perform other actions, such as story mode, until they become available.

Each dungeon is available for a limited time and usually rewards various types of dust motes, a resource that is used to level up the Guardians. When the race starts, players will need to explore each floor to collect items, buffs and artifacts. Artifacts are what gives players points, so if you find them all on each floor, your rewards will be maximized. However, not every floor has Artifacts, and the more players explore, the faster the scale on the right side fills up. When the counter is full, the meeting will start at the player’s next move.

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On each floor of the dungeon there is an exit leading to the next area, and on the last floor there is a final boss to be defeated. Before the start of the race, players can see which game characters in the Disney Mirrorverse will apply a multiplier to any points earned. For example, the “Trouble with Tanks” dungeon will bring double points if there is Elsa, Frank Wolf, Mike Wazowski or Tiana in the group. In any dungeon, you need to reach 25 stages, so the multiplier significantly increases the chances of getting all possible rewards. This mode also has a leaderboard that determines who will receive bonus rewards after the dungeon expires. To maximize the prizes received, players will need to choose the right team of Guardians.

The Best Guardians to complete dungeons in the Disney Mirrorverse

One of the bonus characters must always be included in the team if the players have unlocked any of the listed Guards. In addition, players should always have a support character in the group, especially at higher difficulty levels. Support characters usually have the ability to heal their teammates, and the health of each Guardian is depleted throughout the passage of the Dungeon. The only other way to cure the Guardians before the end of the race is to find or buy dungeon potions. However, if there is a Support Keeper in the team, whose level has increased in the Disney Mirrorverse, players can save their spheres to spend them on more valuable items, such as famous crystals.

As long as players choose a support character and one of the Guardians applying the multiplier, they should be able to complete all five floors, earning the maximum possible rewards. Either a melee character or a tank will work well with a team that has a Ranged Guardian and support. Ultimately, the best team will consist of support, a multiplier keeper, and any character providing the highest possible level of strength so that difficulty can be increased to get higher rewards for completing dungeons in the Disney Mirrorverse.