Disney Mirrorverse Review: Classic Characters in Distorted Reality


The Disney Mirrorverse from developer and publisher Kabam offers a stunning character redesign and an alternate universe with a new storyline. Disney and Pixar characters team up to fight Fractured, a brand new group of enemies that mirror the heroes and villains from modern and classic movies. This free game includes several game modes and more than 40 Guardians, including Buzz Lightyear, Jack Sparrow and Oogie Boogie, as well as new characters that will be introduced after the launch.

In the story mode, a small group of heroes travels to familiar places, such as the “Floor of Fear” from “Monster Corporation” or the tavern “Smooth Duckling” and the forest from “Rapunzel: A Tangled Story”. Rapunzel begins the adventure after noticing that something strange is going on, and Maleficent quickly launches an attack using the Split. In each chapter, new Guardians are recruited, including heroes and villains, to unite and fight these terrifying new enemies. The Fractured are evil mirror images of Disney and Pixar characters who have joined the Guardian list by fighting them.

Along with the Disney Mirrorverse story mode, it includes time-limited events, competitive dungeon challenges, supplies delivery, 1-on-1 showdowns and towers with challenging combat challenges. In each mode, a team of three Guardians fights waves of Splinters for various rewards, including specks of dust that can be used to level up certain characters. The motes have different colors to indicate whether they can be used for ranged, tank, melee, or support characters. Each Guardian falls into one of these four categories, and also has character traits such as Royalty, Seafaring, or High Technology. In addition, each Guardian has a star rating, special talents and several attacks.

Each encounter requires energy to start and has one or more waves of enemies with a more challenging boss battle at the end. One Guardian can be controlled manually, while others fight automatically as an AI. Rewards vary and are given out for one-, two- and three-star ratings of collisions depending on how many Guards survive to the end. Each mission, except for 1-on-1 Combat, has the same tests for star ratings, but some of them include restrictions. These restrictions help to change the approach to the clash, as they limit the options in which Guardians can be on the team.

All collisions have a recommended power level based on the combined strength of the Guardian team. Most of the plot chapters can be completed without encountering a lack of power level. However, around the middle of the fifth chapter, players playing the free game may need to move away from the story mode in order to grind more dust particles and other materials. In addition, spheres can be purchased using microtransactions at different prices to unlock new Guardians with crystals and purchase items such as dust motes, gold and energy recovery potions.

Microtransactions are included in the Disney Mirrorverse, but they are not required to create a strong team. Buying spheres will obviously speed up the process, but part of the fun is finding supplies, leveling up Guards, and completing achievements and stages to earn spheres and crystals for free. Crystals that reward with supplies can also be made, and there is a small chance of getting a Guardian instead. Duplicate Guardians turn into shards that can boost a character’s star rating when enough of them are collected. Unlike other recent mobile games like Diablo Immortal, disappointing microtransactions do not determine who dominates the Alliance’s leaderboards.

Alliances can be created or joined for free, and there are always active missions to take part in. Milestones of alliance missions can be performed passively, because points are awarded for almost every action in the game. Rewards are distributed by levels weekly depending on the position in the leaderboard and the number of points earned by the Alliance. Competing with friends and Alliance members, as well as the promise of new content with regular updates, create an incentive to keep playing. Disney Mirrorverse is a truly exciting game in which the characters of Disney and Pixar, beloved by fans, are presented in a new exciting adventure.