Disney +: Mickey qualified for 92-year program!


It’s Mickey’s birthday! The little mouse celebrates its 92 years. A beautiful age that Disney + puts in the spotlight in its programming.

Mickey turns 92 today. An opportunity for Disney + to pay tribute to the little mouse on its platform. So, they have just released a new season of The Wonderful World of Mickey in his effigy.

The mouse first saw the light of day in 1928 during Buster Keaton’s adventure-inspired animated short, Steamboat Willie. Very quickly, the mouse became the emblem of the brand. Since then, she has been the head of the amusement park.

For its 92nd birthday, Disney + decides to make a gesture. In the program ? All films, series and short films in which the mouse is the hero. This represents 80 references as famous as Steamboat Willie (1928), Fantasia (1940), La Maison de Mickey (2006), Mickey Mouse, the shorts (2013) and the new Mickey’s Marvelous World (2020).

This new film will please the biggest fans of Disney and Mickey. But what is this new movie starring Mickey and his friends. We tell you a little more if you are a big fan of the little mouse.


The Marvelous World of Mickey therefore features the character and his friends (Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto…). All in a very wacky world as usual. They are going to live full of adventures there together with twists and turns.

Available on Disney +, this animated film stays within classic mouse standards. This form of humor allows endangering others and being killed by an anvil, for example! Each episode is of course new!

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So for the biggest Mickey Mouse fans, don’t hesitate to visit Disney + to watch the classics of the big-eared mouse but also the latest novelties! We don’t tell you more, you have to find out for yourself. For the moment no deadline for this special anniversary program.


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