Disney + launches in Europe with reduced image quality


Disney this week announced the launch of the Disney + streaming service in the UK and other locations in Europe. The only major country in the region that will be without the platform is France: because of the Coronavirus crisis, the government requested that the news be postponed. Because of this, the French will not receive the Netflix competitor until April 7.

The launch of Disney + in European territory was scheduled to happen on March 5 and the company had even organized a major event for the occasion. However, as the proliferation of Coronavirus intensified in Europe, the company decided to delay the arrival of the platform and perform the presentation in a digital way.

Reduced quality
Another important detail about the launch of Disney + in Europe is that subscribers will have to consume the contents of the platform with reduced quality. As internet traffic is high on the continent because of preventive measures against COVID-19, the company will distribute the content in lower resolutions to avoid high bandwidth consumption.

The Disney + movement follows in the footsteps of decisions made by other major companies in the video on demand segment, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. As streaming services are the biggest consumers of bandwidth worldwide and total traffic has risen up to 75% in some European countries, the reduction in the quality of videos can help prevent a collapse of the internet in Europe.

Disney + is the streaming service that includes a huge catalog of content from the entertainment conglomerate, from old series to new movies and series of Marvel heroes. The platform also features original high-budget productions, like The Mandalorian, set in the Star Wars universe.

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