Disney+ is the only streaming that grew in 2021 in Brazil


Disney+ streaming platform is the only one among the major streaming services available in the country that has recently grown in the domestic market. The data are from a ranking released by the specialized company Just Watch.

According to the report, which takes into account data from the first quarter of 2021, Netflix is ​​the segment leader in the country with 32% of the market. Right behind is Amazon Prime Video, with 26%, and Disney + follows in third with 10%.

However, only Disney’s streaming has registered a growing graph in the last few months, with special emphasis on the performance in March. It recently reached 100 million users worldwide – even with just one year of operations.

The sum of other services also registered high, with no details of which applications were taken into account.

Still in the general ranking, Globoplay is in fourth (8%), followed by a dispute between HBO Go (7%) and Telecine Premium (7%). The Claro Video package (5%) completes the nominal list.

Just Watch, however, does not take official data into account: the measurement is calculated based on the use of the application and the interest of the population.


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