Disney is moving forward with the casting of Snow-White Dwarfs, despite the negative reaction


Martin Klebba has confirmed his role as the Grouch in the upcoming Snow White. After the stunning success of reinterpreting classic fairy-tale objects such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, in 2019, Disney announced that Snow White, based on the first full-length animated film “Mouse House” from 1937, is in development. Spider-Man director Mark Webb is at the helm. Last year, the film took a big step forward when Shazam appeared in it! “Rage of the Gods” actress Rachel Zegler will play the main princess, and just a few months later Gal Gadot will join Snow White in the role of the Evil Queen.

When Snow White was announced, Game of Thrones alumnus Peter Dinklage openly spoke out against remaking what he called a “reverse” story that perpetuates negative attitudes towards people with dwarfism. The actor, who is a member of the dwarf community, mentioned the problem of Snow White with distortion of facts and called on Disney to rethink the adaptation of the characters of “The Seven Dwarfs” in a remake with live actors. Dinklage’s comments against Snow White were met with a swift response from Disney, who said the live-action film would not “reinforce [e] stereotypes” and would treat the original characters differently after “consulting with members of the dwarf community.” Later, there were reports that Disney was considering replacing the seven dwarfs with various magical creatures, although now it seems that Snow White could have done differently.

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Speaking in a video filmed at the Fan Expo in Denver (via Disney Insider), the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Klebb confirmed that he plays the Grouch in “Snow White.” Rumors that Klebba will be a part of the film have been going around for some time, but only now it comes directly from the actor himself. Klebba also said that he has already finished shooting his roles in the film and believes that “Snow White” will be released in theaters by the end of 2023. Read what he said below.

“We have just finished shooting Snow White, which will be released at the end of next year. And, of course, I play the Grouch. Gal Gadot is our witch, and Rachel Zegler will be our Snow White. time.”

Although Klebba has confirmed that he plays Grumpy, and the actor is also a member of the dwarf community, this does not necessarily mean that his character is the same version as one of the original seven dwarfs. Instead, Disney may have changed Grumpy’s origin by making him a completely different character, and the new interpretation may include computer graphics or be entirely live action. Moreover, Grumpy’s participation in “Snow White” does not confirm that all seven dwarfs will return. Even if Grumpy returns, perhaps he lives alone and meets the main character Zegler in a new way.

Given the portrayal of the seven dwarfs in the original animated film, Dinklage’s comments are certainly justified. Historically, people from the dwarf community have been discriminated against in the entertainment industry, and Dinklage’s comments, pointing to the disturbing nature of accurate adaptation, highlight how this will serve to further spread negative stereotypes. Based on the studio’s previous statement, it seems that Disney has taken note of Dinklage’s criticism of Snow White and is attempting to re-present the classic story to a new audience in a more inclusive and sensitive way. Right now, Klebba’s casting doesn’t explain what the studio is doing to fix the problems of the original animated film, but the details of the actor’s role in “Snow White” will probably become clearer in the coming months.