Disney: Impressive and inclusive princesses dream!


If the princesses have always made young girls dream, Disney shows rather thin young girls. An artist decides to change that!

What would our Disney princesses look like, with more shapes? An artist decided to imagine the heroines much rounder than in the movies. A way to break the far too demanding beauty standards.

This artist has decided to denounce the lack of diversity in Disney films. Indeed, Mickey’s studios have tended to show us rather thin women.

Enough to complex some young princesses, after all. It must be said that the canons of beauty push us to want to achieve unrealizable goals.

It is therefore in a very “body positive” approach that the influencer Tashapolis has decided to pay tribute to the heroines of Disney. Never mind.

So she did several photo shoots, showing us the female Disney characters in a whole new light. And it’s pretty cool and nice to see!

Snow White, Rapunzel, Esmeralda, Tiana or even Vaiana… All of them go there and appear plump and plump.


They are no less magnificent, because beauty is everywhere! Disney would be wrong not to take a look. Big crush on this superb Elsa!

If Disney inspires so many little girls and boys around the world, it seems normal that some and some feel underrepresented.

Curvy women are clearly shunned, eclipsed from the screens. “We take up more space than most,” the artist notes in one of her posts.

“But our bodies are clearly under-represented in the media,” continues Natasha, whose real name is her. This is a great way to claim your place.

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With the #PlusSizePrincessProject project, Natasha hopes to change the situation. A project to follow very closely on the Tashapolis Instagram account.


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