Disney +: how to pay less for your platform subscription?


There is a very simple solution to take advantage of the entire Disney + platform by paying your subscription for less! We tell you everything.

What if we told you that it was possible to pay less for your Disney + subscription?

From February 23, the price of the subscription to the series and films platform will therefore increase! Eh yes. Indeed, Disney + is about to increase all its prices! Just that.

Thus, the monthly subscription will cost two euros more in European countries! Eh yes. But it is possible to pay less to be able to access all of the Disney + programs. How? ‘Or’ What ?

To do this, all you need to do is subscribe to the streaming platform before February 23. Yep, just that. A solution that seems very easy!

So, to pay as little as possible, we advise you to take out a subscription before this date. Besides, it can be very advantageous. Eh yes. We tell you everything!


This February 23, 2021, Disney + will therefore increase its prices. The price of the subscription will therefore drop from 6.99 euros to 8.99 euros per month in Europe. Just that.

Why this increase? To justify itself, the American group has therefore announced the arrival of its new “Star” section. What is that ?

This section will offer more mature content. Eh yes ! These are indeed films, documentaries and series intended for a more adult audience.

We will therefore find programs like the Alien saga for example. But also the Die Hard or Terminator films. But also series like Modern Family.

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This new section is therefore added to the 5 categories that already exist on Disney +. Namely: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic.

“It will not be possible to subscribe to Disney + without the Star service. “Said the streaming giant. And for people who already have a subscription to the streaming platform? The price will not change before August 23, 2021. No!

“The current rates for existing subscribers will be maintained for 6 months. »Emphasizes the American firm. Thus, if you take a subscription, you therefore benefit from this rate for 6 months. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Which makes a total of 12 euros saved! Just that. The equivalent of 2 months of subscriptions. It’s not nothing ! It’s your turn.


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