Disney +: How many profiles and screens can you have


VOD platforms have learned fast in recent years. They have seen that even if there is a subscription to the service in a home, one of the users may not want to see the same as the other, and also have their own space within the platform. That is why the profiles and simultaneous reproductions were created. And Disney + also allows you to do this.

Disney + Profiles and Simultaneous Playback

Unlike Netflix, whose cap is 5, Disney + allows you to create up to 7 different profiles within the same subscription -one of them the central one. But the funny thing is that the number of screens is lower, since you can watch Disney + content on a maximum of 4 devices at the same time. In summary:

Create up to 7 profiles

View content on up to 4 devices at the same time

How to create a new profile

1- Once you have logged in, go to your profile

  • On a Smart TV: Expand the left navigation bar
  • On a mobile: It’s in the lower right
  • In a web browser: It’s in the upper right

2- If you are on mobile, select Edit profile to add another profile

3- Select Add Profile: choose which icon you want to represent you: Baby Yoda, Simba, Iron Man, Jack Skellington, etc.

4- Enter a profile name

5- Select SAVE (Save)

Manage your profile

1- Once you have logged in, go to your profile

2- Select Edit profile

3- Select the profile you want to edit

4- Adjust the name of the profile, as well as the settings for:

  • Autoplay
  • Background video
  • Language
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5- Select SAVE (Save)

Add profile

1- Open your profile

2- Select Add Profile and choose the profile icon

3- Enter a profile name.

4- Select SAVE (Save)


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