‘Disney + free in Brazil’; fraud is blocked by streaming


Disney + now bars users who abuse false information to take advantage of the seven-day free streaming platform. Tutorial for illegal “free access” to the content went viral and even received a tutorial on YouTube, and implied that users generate fake credit card and social security numbers.

Due to an oversight or to protect the performance of the system, the Disney + registration was not checking if the card number was really true, without checking if it was possible to charge the number informed. The registration required little information – email, full name, password, CPF and credit card data – and did not check the authenticity of the data.

Once noticed, the trick quickly became popular with users and yielded videos on YouTube explaining the method to get Disney + for free. The instructions contained the use of a website to generate valid credit card numbers, accompanied by another tool to create a fake CPF – or probably, someone else’s.

Method violated Disney + terms of use

Logically, the method violates the Disney + terms of use and is illegal. The subscription contract states that “you agree not to use a false identity or to inaccurately declare your registration as anyone else”. The user who abused the method is subject to having his account canceled.

Naturally, the “smarties” questioned themselves on social networks that the method stopped working; but it was just a standard and necessary measure of the platform. In tests, the Tecnoblog website found out if the situation had really been solved and when registering a properly blocked card, Disney + denied the registration after having the test charge denied by the operator.

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Disney + arrived in Brazil on November 17, 2020 and costs R $ 27.90 per month or R $ 279.90 per year. The service features a catalog of original Disney shows and series or their productions – such as Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic – and extras such as The Simpsons and other Fox titles, the company’s recent acquisition.


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