Disney + error occured: how to contact customer support


As is often the case with VOD services -and in general with all online services-, in their initial release they have a discount price for a limited time. In the case of Disney +, when it arrived exactly one year ago -it was on March 24, 2020-, the annual subscription was € 59.99, then going up to € 69.99 -or € 6.99 if you you subscribed on a monthly basis.

The Disney + price hike

A year later, with the mega-success of Disney’s proposal came expansion plans, and that brought with it a price revision. Right now Disney + also offers the Star content catalog, more oriented to adults, and therefore since February 23 the price went from € 6.99 per month and € 69.99 per year to € 8.99 / month and € 89.99 / year.

But there was a trick, because if you were one of those who subscribed to Disney + for a year between March 23 and August 23, 2020, Disney allows you to renew during 2021 for another year at the old price, € 69.99 . And it is that all the annual renewals that are made of Disney + in the next 6 months -before August 23, 2021- will go with that price, and not with the current one that is € 20 more expensive.

Disney + renewal issues

What happened today? That all users who subscribed to Disney + 1 year ago and had to renew their annual subscription this week are encountering problems: When you try to perform the automatic renewal process of that annual Disney + subscription, the VOD platform itself gives an error and you says the following:

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“Your payment method has failed. To keep your subscription active, update your payment method in your Account ”.

Well, it’s a glitch, it happens everywhere. To fix it you just have to go to that section and enter another payment method. The problem? That the Disney + platform itself does NOT let you change your payment method. And then what happens is that you cannot renew, and you have the risk of losing your account because your subscription will no longer be available. And also, if you do another, you have to pay the 89.99 euros of the new price instead of the 69.99 € for which you could enjoy one more year of Disney +.


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