Disney ends FOX Play streaming operations in Brazil


Disney officially started the process of discontinuing FOX Play. FOX’s streaming platform has already had application services terminated on cell phones and smart TVs. For now, only browser operation is still in operation, but it should also be shut down soon. Initially, the end of FOX Play should have occurred at the turn of the year, but the date was apparently postponed by a few weeks.

According to the website Minha Operadora, the process is part of Disney’s new business strategy for streaming and with FOX products, which was officially acquired in 2019. The idea is to rename the services that will continue on the air and replace others with offers from company itself – and this is a clear example of the second case.

FOX Play’s offer should be replaced in Brazil by Star +, which is a streaming platform independent from Disney, concentrating more adult and other companies’ content. In some markets, it is just an extra tab in the Disney + service. In Latin America, however, it will be made available separately, requiring an additional payment.

Star + is scheduled for launch in June 2021 in Brazil.


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