Disney + Ends 1-Week Free Subscription Campaign


Netflix’s big rival, Disney +, ended the 1-week free subscription campaign shortly before the expected Hamilton production was released. Anyone who wants to become a member of the platform now has to pay instantly.

Disney +, which went into service last November, has around 50 million subscribers today. The platform, which is seen as a great rival especially against Netflix, is also preferred by many people with its productions, but according to the latest news, Disney + ended its special offer for those who will become a member of the platform for the first time.

According to the news of the French Numerama site, Disney + quietly ended the one-week free subscription campaign offered to its first-time users. Users will no longer be able to try Disney + for free for a week when they create a new membership.

Disney + ‘s campaign has been removed:

The 1-week free subscription campaign at Disney + has also become a mystery on the platform’s site. The campaign has been removed from Disney + ‘s site. Every user who is a new member of the platform is now directed to the page where the payment will be made.

Although it is not known exactly when Disney + removed its 1-week free subscription campaign, the time period that the platform removed this campaign attracted attention. Disney will release the highly anticipated Hamilton production over Disney + in the coming days. Hamilton will air on Disney + on July 3.

Despite the absence of a 1-week free trial, those who want to watch Hamilton will have to subscribe by paying Disney +. So every user who pays for Disney + subscription for Hamilton will earn $ 6.99 for Disney. Thus, the platform will prevent those who only want to watch Hamilton and plan to benefit from a 1-week free subscription.

Although Disney + has an incredible 60 million subscribers today, the platform serves at very few points around the world. In addition, the platform, which is very popular, unfortunately does not serve in our country. However, it is not known when the platform will start serving in our country.


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