“Disney Dreamlight Valley” Will Present Olaf From “Cold Heart”, Multiplayer and More in 2023


Disney Dreamlight Valley has unveiled its roadmap for 2023, in which new characters, storylines and items will appear in the game over the next few months along with the multiplayer game.

According to the Steam list, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a hybrid of a life simulator and an adventure game, “rich in quests, research and exciting activities involving old and new friends of Disney and Pixar.”

Released in September last year, Disney Dreamlight Valley was a stunning success: over 1 million players entered it in the first week.

Despite the fact that the game is still in early access, Dreamloft released the first major update in October last year. Now the developer has confirmed what players can expect over the next 12 months.

“The beginning of 2023 promises to be HUGE for Disney Dreamlight Valley, and we can’t wait to share this magic with you,” said Dreamloft.

In February, Olaf from Frozen and Mirabelle from Encanto will be added to the game, with the former becoming a “huge part” of the comprehensive Disney Dreamlight Valley plot. A new “Star Trek” will also be released, featuring a number of items to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, as well as a new pet. The Quality Of Life update will also recycle the storage.

In April, Simba from The Lion King will be launched in Dreamlight Valley along with his own kingdom, following the presentation of the Scar last year. A Star Trail inspired by Disney Park will also be released. “We can already imagine how cool it is to set up our valley so that it looks a bit like a park,” lead producer Manea Knuckles told Polygon.

The “beginning of Summer” update will expand the Dreamlight Valley storyline and introduce a Disney princess. “It will be a huge step forward in terms of the main story, when everything comes together to understand what is behind the Oblivion,” said Knuckles.

In addition, Dreamloft plans to introduce a multiplayer mode along with new characters, quests and items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has already been released in early access on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as on PC.

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