Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to find shrimp


How to get shrimp in Dreamlight Valley What are shrimp for?

players can catch a variety of creatures Disney Fairy Light Valley, players can catch a variety of creatures. Moreover, in each biome in the game there are different types of fish that can be caught. While this may seem pretty simple to players, it gets tricky because fish have common spawn points. As a result, it can be difficult to get certain types of fish, even if Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams players are fishing in the right knots.

One such example is shrimp. Despite the fact that they can be found quite early in the game, they have a surprisingly low chance of falling out. With this guide, players will know where to look and they will have a better chance of catching a shrimp with their trusty fishing rod.

How to get Shrimp in Dreamlight Valley

The only biome where you can find shrimp is a Dazzling beach. Since Dreamlight Valley has the only access to the ocean, players will have plenty of space to catch shrimp. Although it is theoretically possible to get a shrimp by simply throwing it into the water randomly, Disney’s Valley of Dreamlight players should look for circles with bubbles coming out of the middle. This gives players a much better chance of catching more than just algae.

Circles of three different colors appear in any reservoir. The first is a white circle, the second is a blue circle, and the third is an orange—yellow circle. The fish in the white circle is the easiest to catch, and the fish in the orange-yellow circle is much more difficult to catch. In the case of shrimp, players must look for blue circles along the coastline.

Although shrimp can be obtained from other circles, they more often appear from blue circles. Bringing a companion along with the “Fishing” role will help players get more shrimp when they catch one.

Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams players should know that shrimps are not a guaranteed catch, even from blue circles. They just have a better chance of spawning shrimp when fishing from them. Players just need to keep fishing from the blue circles and eventually they will catch a shrimp. If there are no blue circles in the water, players can fish from other circles to make more blue circles appear.

What are shrimp used for?

Like all the fish that can be caught in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, shrimp are used in cooking. Players can cook a variety of shrimp dishes. A few good examples are seafood appetizer and bouillabaisse. Of these two examples, shrimp is a mandatory ingredient only for bouillabaisse.

So if Disney Dreamlight Valley players need to cook a seafood snack for one of their Disney friends, they might consider saving their shrimp until they need them for a quest or recipe that requires the elusive clams.

It may also be a good idea to save money right after you catch one or two shrimp.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is already available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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