Disney Dreamlight Valley: What energy is used for and how to get more


What is energy used for How to get more energy How to increase the energy scale

When Disney Dreamlight Valley players explore and interact with various Disney characters living in the valley, they will undoubtedly notice a blue stripe in the upper left corner of the screen. As they participate in the game, they will notice that it rises or falls. This stripe represents the Energy of the players. “Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams”, “, ” Night Spikes.

However, energy is used not only to get rid of weeds generated by dark magic. This guide explains every way to use energy and how players can get it.

What is energy used for

When it comes to using energy, almost every thing that Disney’s Valley of Dreamlight players can do spends it. Specific activities drain more energy than others, especially fishing.

Other activities that can be considered less stressful consume less energy, such as planting seeds and watering them from a watering can. In fact, harvesting does not require energy. As a result, the energy band becomes a form of resource management for players. Fortunately, there are several ways to restore Energy, and none of them takes much time.

How to get more energy

There are two ways to restore lost Energy. The first way for Disney’s Fairy Light Valley players is to return home. The energy scale is immediately filled when the players return to their home. They don’t have to wait; they can just get in and out and resume what they were doing earlier. Another option is to eat food.

Players should be aware that while ingredients, fruits, and vegetables can be eaten to restore Energy, they don’t restore as much as a meal made from multiple ingredients.

As a rule, the more stars a food has, the more energy it restores. So if Disney Dreamlight Valley players are going to do something that consumes a lot of energy, such as removing stumps from mushrooms, it would be nice to take some food with them so they don’t have to waste time going home. .

How to increase the energy band

Fortunately, the energy band can be increased. This will allow players to perform many more energy-consuming actions before it runs out. By raising the level, Disney’s Valley of the Light of Dreams can increase the energy scale by raising the level.

By completing quests and gaining friendship levels with all the Disney characters living in the valley, players gain levels and increase their energy scale, as well as cosmetic items such as furniture and clothing.

Thus, thanks to the combination of level-up and food supply, players will always have the energy they need in Dreamlight Valley to collect resources such as hardwood.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is already available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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