Disney Dreamlight Valley: Pixar Fest Guide


A life simulator game with elements of adventure Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players a huge amount of content that you can spend hours on. Whether it’s needlework, cooking, chatting with all the Disney characters, or even just designing a house/town in the style of Animal Crossing, there is no shortage of entertainment for players in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

While Gameloft intends to support the game for many years with content such as new characters, it also looks like there will be periodic events that will provide players with all sorts of time-limited cosmetic rewards. Early access to Disney Dreamlight Valley was opened by the first of these events called Pixar Fest. This guide will show players how the event works, as well as what rewards are available.

How the Pixar Festival Works

Pixar Fest is the first Star Path event at Disney Dreamlight Valley. It lasts a little over a month and contains many unique cosmetic awards dedicated to various Pixar films, with an emphasis on “The Incredibles”, “Lightyear”, “Up” and “Coco”. Each event has a unique currency that can be earned by performing the Duties listed on the event page.

Responsibilities for events

From the beginning, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will only have access to three Duties to earn currency for this event. The duties of the event are very similar to the duties that players usually perform during the game. The biggest difference is that it takes a lot more to fulfill the Responsibilities of the event. For example, while a normal Duty may require players to perform simple actions, such as selling or picking five vegetables, an Event Duty (similar to those pictured above) will require more time-consuming efforts, such as picking 150 lettuce leaves or selling a large amount of food. or other similar resources.

A premium track is available that players can purchase with Moonstones, a possible premium currency when Disney Dreamlight Valley comes out of early access and becomes free. Players who have purchased any version of the Founder’s Kit already have moonstones that can be used for this event. Currently, this is the only thing that moonstones can be used for (besides using them to buy additional currency). When purchasing a premium track, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will receive three additional Duties to get more currency.

The amount of currency issued for Debt fulfillment is not particularly constant. One duty that takes longer to complete than another may bring the same amount of currency or more (or possibly less).

What awards come from Pixar Fest?

The rewards of this event include furniture that players can use to decorate their home and village. Other items include costumes and decals that can be used when customizing clothes with a Magic Tool.

Interestingly, some rewards include bonus moonstones that can be saved and used for future events after Pixar Fest ends. There are six reward pages, and only after each page has received enough rewards, Disney Dreamlight Valley players can receive rewards on the next page.

What events will be next?

Although Gameloft has not given any confirmation about events other than Pixar Fest, the number of moonstones provided in Founder’s Edition suggests that there will be more similar events in the future. Since a number of holidays are just around the corner, it is likely that there may be seasonal events at some point in early access and later in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is already available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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