Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to wash the dirty floor in the house


Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game that allows players to live in a city filled with iconic Disney characters such as Goofy and Mickey Mouse. By growing crops, completing quests, getting rid of thorns and much more, players will increase the level of their relationships with various non-player characters and make Dreamlight Valley a better place to live.

Most would assume that a Disney game aimed at children would open up a lovely clean house for players, but that’s not the case in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In fact, Disney fans will start their adventure not only with a tiny house, but also with a house with a terrible dirty floor that most Animal Crossing fans would be ashamed of. To help people who love a clean house, here’s how to change the floor in your Disney Dreamlight Valley home.

How to Change Gender in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Simply put, it’s not really possible to clean the floors in players’ homes in Disney Dreamlight Valley; however, players can change the style of the floor in their home by removing the broken and dirty tiles installed at the beginning of the game.

To change floors in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to enter their home and open their backpack using the Y (Xbox) button, which is the triangle button on the PlayStation and the X button on the Nintendo Switch.

After that, go down to the Furniture section. This will show players a wide range of furniture categories offered in Disney Dreamlight Valley. From here, scroll down to the “Floors” category and choose the one that best matches the style of the house. Don’t forget to save the game progress in the menu after selecting the gender that the players are happy with.

Players can cancel any furniture selection by clicking on the left bumper.

Later, players will be able to buy new types of floors, but for now, players should have several options to start with, for example, a large gray stone tile or a wooden floor. Whichever floor style the players choose, it will look better than a broken and dirty tile.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is already available in early access. To get early access, gamers must pay for the Founder’s Pack or have access to the Xbox Game Pass.


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