Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Coconut


In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a lot of ingredients that are used to prepare dishes to restore a certain amount of energy. Each dish needs certain ingredients, and each of them can be found in certain areas of the eight biomes of the Dreamlight Valley.

Usually players can go to the “Collection” menu and click on the “Ingredients” category to find out the location of the necessary materials. However, Coconut does not have a location, only its price is listed in the category. This is because the Saviors have to complete a special quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, in which a certain demigod participates, in order to unlock coconut palms.

How to Get a Coconut in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get a Coconut in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, players must complete a friendship quest on Maui, “Burial of the Eel”. However, a number of steps must be completed first.

How to get a coconut

The first step after receiving the “Bury the Eel” quest is to talk to Goofy, who needs the following Disney Dreamlight Valley materials:

Worms x3 Soft Wood x8

Worms are buried near ponds in a Peaceful Meadow, and conifers are collected from the ground in the Clearing of Trust and in the Forest of Valor. Once all the materials are collected, players can start making an eel trap.

After that, they should head to the pier near the Goofy kiosk in Dazzle Beach and put the trap in the water. Then they can use a fishing rod in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley to catch an eel and give it to Maui. The next step involves using a shovel to make a mud spot in the sand and plant an eel. Then the players will need to stay close to the plant, as it needs to be watered several times.

After a while, a coconut palm will grow, and players will be able to collect some coconuts and give them to Maui. This marks the end of the quest and allows coconut palms to grow regularly on the beach.

How to get the “Eel Burial” quest

There are two conditions for obtaining the “Funeral Eel” quest: Maui must have a second friendship level and Dazzle Beach must be available.

By unlocking Maui as a friend in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can reach the second level of friendship by walking, having daily conversations, or giving him his favorite items of the day. As for Dazzle Beach, 1000 Dreamlight is required to unlock the biome. When Maui reaches the second level, the “Bury the Eel” quest will start.

How to Save Maui

In Dreamlight Castle, players are given the opportunity to visit one of the three realms for a certain amount of Dreamlight. Choosing the one with the demigod will lead to the kingdom of Moana. Once all of Moana’s quests are completed, she can be brought to the valley, which will make Maui sad because she was abandoned.

Players must now return to the realm and talk to Maui to begin the quest “A Feast Worthy of a Demigod”. The Saviors need to cook three dishes at Disney Dreamlight Valley with 3 or more stars and give them to Maui. The demigod will be pleased and agree to join the player.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is already available on NintendoSwitch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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