Disney Dreamlight Valley Can Use Multiple Animal Crossings: New Horizons Events


Disney Dreamlight Valley has become surprisingly popular since it went into early access, and the use of many Animal Crossing features: New Horizons may be one of the reasons for its success. Dreamlight’s responsibilities are essentially the same as Nook Miles, regularly rewarding players for completing everyday tasks. The main draw of the game is very similar to the main game cycle of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, because in it players connect with their residents and improve both their home and the valley as a whole. Considering how well it works, taking more from the Nintendo name might not be a bad idea.

Even activities like fishing and digging are similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and while the mechanics of mining and cooking help give Disney Dreamlight Valley a bit of its personality, those who enjoyed the latest Animal Crossing game shouldn’t have any trouble getting used to Disney. -oriented heading. However, considering how polished and filled with content Animal Crossing is: New Horizons, unsurprisingly, the Switch exclusive has a few more activities to enjoy. Since Disney Dreamlight Valley is going through an early access period, adding some of these actions may prove useful.

Adding Tree Felling to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Currently, players looking for wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley have only one way to get it: collect branches scattered across different regions. These sticks quite often fall from trees, after which players can collect them from the ground. However, it would be great if players had the opportunity to get more wood when they need it, using the new Royal Tool to chop down trees when they see fit.

As in the case of the Animal Crossing axe: New Horizons, players could chop down trees in different regions to get one of three types of wood. Given that wood is needed for most of the Disney Dreamlight Valley crafting recipes, it would be ideal to have easier access to it. Currently, players need to wait for the wood to accumulate on the ground. Not only does this require patience, but it can also be an eyesore for those who want to keep their valley clean, as the sticks will accumulate even if the players don’t need them. If tree felling mechanics were added, players wouldn’t have to deal with wood piling up on the floor, as they could instead pick it up from the trees when they really want to.

Gameloft can diversify the mechanics of felling trees in several fun ways, with the possible role of a lumberjack companion. If players assign a character with this specialization, they will be able to give more wood when cutting trees. As in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in rare cases, when felling trees, items can also fall out, which allows you to add new mechanics, such as acorns. Players could give acorns to squirrels to point the way to a rare item, encouraging gamers to regularly chop down trees, even if they don’t need wood.

Adding Something like a Museum to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although a full-fledged museum, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not viable due to the lack of bugs, art and sea creatures, the aquarium could work. Since there are already 25 fish in the game, players can display their aquatic creatures by giving them to aquatic characters such as Ariel or Ursula. Ursula’s Cave could be ideal for this purpose, as the area loses its usefulness after a certain point in the main story. Perhaps creatures like foxes and raccoons could get their own wing leading to a small zoo that players could visit from time to time.

If the zoo was accessible to players, they would have much more motivation to collect every fish and make friends with every animal they meet. It would be interesting to have a place to display all the companions that the player has collected, and the aquarium would give Gameloft a reason to keep adding new fish to collect. Since the villagers and the player only have a place to eat and a place to shop, adding another public building for entertainment can make Dreamlight Valley more cozy. With bonus rewards for those who complete an aquarium or zoo, such a feature can add a little more depth to the game.


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