Disney+ Doesn’t Think About Launching a Cheaper Plan, Says CEO


Disney+: Several streaming platforms have bet on cheaper subscription plans, with the display of ads, to attract a greater number of users. But this shouldn’t be a strategy adopted by Disney+, at least for now. That’s what The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek guarantees.

During a virtual question-and-answer session at Credit Suisse’s 23rd Annual Communications Conference on Monday (14), the executive said he is satisfied with the current model. Asked about the possibility of launching a cheaper ad subscription, he commented that the company doesn’t think about it right now.

“We will not limit ourselves and say no to anything, but at the moment we have no plans for that. We are always reassessing how we enter the market around the world, but we are happy with the models we have,” explained Chapek, implying that we have not yet totally discarded the idea.

The Disney Plus subscription in Brazil costs R$27.90 in the monthly plan, totaling R$334.80 per year. But the service offers a discount for users who opt for the annual plan, in a single payment, costing R$ 279.90 (in this case, the monthly amount costs just over R$ 23).

Competitors already offer the option

If Disney is not thinking about offering a more affordable subscription plan for your streaming at the moment, some of the rival services already have this alternative. HBO Max, for example, recently introduced a cheaper package in the United States, with displaying ads, which costs $9.99 a month (the ad-free version costs $14.99 a month).

Paramount+ is another platform that adopted the strategy in the North American market, seeking to increase the number of subscribers. The new plan, called “Essential” and which includes advertisements displayed in the midst of attractions, costs $5 a month, half the price charged for a conventional subscription.


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