Disney+: Discover 10 Original Movies to Watch Streaming


Disney+ streaming is full of interesting content for all tastes. Even, in the catalog, it is possible to find original films and series that can be watched by the public at any time. And as time goes by, great new features are being added to the platform.

Recently, through the Premier Access feature, the feature Cruella came to streaming, being very well received by critics and a good part of viewers. The 101 Dalmatian villain and her source film set a different tone for this type of production.

Want to know more? Then check out our list of 10 original movies to watch on Disney+!


Featuring Emma Stone in the lead role, Cruella has been surprising those who have seen the film, mostly due to a darker development of the classic villain’s initial plot.

In the production, it is possible to find glamour, sadness and a deep journey, which answers some of the viewers’ doubts about the character’s nature. It remains available on Disney+ through Premier Access.

The Lady and the Tramp

In the new version of the classic film, streaming subscribers will be able to check out a delicate and interesting story about two dogs who fall in love and want to live together despite some impasses.

The live action of A Dama eo Vagabundo has a strong cast in the dubbing, showing the various adventures of the mascots in a different and impressive way.


Another movie that also stars a dog is Togo. The production features an action-packed adventure, set in a snow-filled location.

In the narrative, viewers follow Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe) and his sled dog as they try to find a cure for a rather complex epidemic in the mid-1920s.

Black is king

Also seen as a visual album by singer Beyoncé, the film tells the story, through music and visual metaphors, of a young African king who is separated from his family at a certain point. On his difficult journey, he will need to regain his throne by seeking help from ancestors and other elements from his past.

Flora and Ulysses

The film presents the saga of a little girl (played by Matilda Lawler), who has some family problems. On a certain day, one of her neighbors has a confrontation with a squirrel named Ulysses. It is from this that Flora takes action to save the little animal, even if he is later kidnapped.

Timmy Fiasco

Also starring a child with a pet, Timmy Fiasco is based on a children’s book of the same name.

In the production, the audience meets the main character (played by Winslow Fegley) who he believes is a great detective. In his adventures, Timmy has the help of a very lazy polar bear. The main lesson of the film is that to err is human.

Fairy Godmother

Released in December 2020, Fairy Godmother tackles Eleanor (Jillian Bell), a fairy godmother who is still in training when the story begins.

However, as time goes by, she receives a very important mission from a ten-year-old girl. But when she finally meets her protégé, she discovers that she is already 40 years old and a widowed woman. As such, they will need to come together to help each other.


Based on a true story told in Laura Sobiech’s book of the same name, the production tells the story of young Zach Sobiech (Fin Argus), who was diagnosed with a rare cancer present in his bones.

As time goes on, he finds that he wants to help people get inspired through the art of music, before it’s too late to accomplish anything.

Black Beauty

In this stunning film about friendship, Mackenzie Foy plays teenager Jo Green, who has a strong brotherly bond with a horse. Little by little, the two discover that they are inseparable even amidst the adversities caused by life and time.

The adventure drama is also based on a classic book of the same name, published in the 19th century by Anna Sewell.

The Extraordinary Girl Called the Star

Finally, if you’re looking for something to watch on Disney+, you can’t miss The Extraordinary Girl Calling the Star, which was released in 2019. Like the last mentioned movies, the production was based on the eponymous book by Jerry Spinelli to tell the story of two teenagers very different from each other.

While Leo (Graham Verchere) is quite shy, Stargirl (Grace VanderWaal) has a quirky way of introducing herself. What will fate have in store for each of them? Little by little, the film approaches this delicate approach that can lead to difficult choices in the future.