Disney + debut in Brazil has system crash and complaints


We finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom: Disney + debuted in Brazil on Tuesday (17th), after a year of waiting and much expectation from fans. But, as it happens in the queues of the theme parks, the debut was not as perfect as expected. The first hours of the platform were marked by bright eyes in front of the screen, but also by some setbacks.

In the morning, several complaints popped up on social networks. In addition to system crashes, users reported difficulties in accessing the streaming service through the available media, such as computers, cell phones and Smart TV’s.

The content also generated some disappointments. A group of users came to trending topics on Twitter to complain about The Simpsons series. Although it is one of the most traditional series in the world, and one of the most anticipated, Disney + has made available only two seasons out of the 32 existing ones.

What Disney + says

Interviewed by TV News from the Uol portal, representatives from the Disney + Help Center support team stated that there was a system crash due to the large number of simultaneous accesses that started early in the morning. One of the representatives said that the platform registered, on Tuesday alone, more than 1 million new accesses.

Pressed by the overhead, the system of sending and receiving emails was also affected, impairing communication between the service and its subscribers. Most of the complaints on social media were about errors when applying the chosen passwords or trying to change them, but the reconfiguration emails were not received.

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