Disney+ Day: See How To Watch New Trailers From Marvel Series


Disney+ Day: This Friday (12) took place Disney+ Day, an event that brought together news from numerous productions from Mickey Studios to celebrate the two years of streaming life. Among the announcements, new trailers for the Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel series were revealed.

The releases, however, caused confusion among some fans, as the company only released the videos on the Disney+ platform, that is, with access restricted to streaming subscribers. Therefore, whoever was following the event through Disney’s social networks could not watch the news.

Other videos from highly anticipated series, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, were also released exclusively to Disney+ subscribers.

If you subscribe to the streaming, go to the site to check out the new teasers. If you are not a Disney+ subscriber, remember that streaming is on sale until next Sunday (14). Whoever subscribes to the platform will pay only R$1.90 in monthly fees for one month. The expectation, however, is that the service will release the trailers to everyone in the coming days.

New series

In Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan is a young Pakistani woman who lives an ordinary life alongside her Muslim family. But everything changes when she is attacked by an inhuman and gains the transmutation ability and assumes the identity of Miss Marvel.

Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, follows a mercenary who has an accident and is abandoned by his cronies. On the brink of death, he is rescued and taken to an Egyptian temple. There, a god offers you a second chance.

Woman-Hulk follows Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), cousin of Bruce Benner, who after a transfusion of blood, receives a part of the Hulk.

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