Disney: “Cruella” worries animal rights groups!


Since Disney announced the release of the film “Cruella”, animal rights associations have been in total panic!

Disney has announced the release of the movie “Cruella”. And it’s scheduled for May. Enough to rekindle the fear of animal protection associations.

Since Disney’s announcement, associations have been imagining a wave of dog adoptions and abandonments. And this is not unfounded, because it happened after the 101 Dalmatians were released 25 years ago.

Indeed, an AKC (American Kennel Club) study explained that 100,000 Dalmatians had been bought in the United States in 1997.

The same year, Dalmatian Rescue in Florida announced that its refuge had welcomed more than 130 Dalmatians. In other words, 2 and a half times the number of animals than in normal times. Ouch!

Of course, the new Disney film will feature the character of Hell’s Cruella. As a reminder, this is a stylist whose goal is to capture dogs into a fur coat.

In a tweet, asso PETA couldn’t help but voice his concern, “No one shows the cruelty of skinning animals better than Cruella. But PETA expects Disney to take action to prevent the 1996 101 Dalmatians effect from happening again, as animal shelters have been saturated with dogs presumably abandoned by fans who weren’t prepared for the puppies. grow up ”, we can read on the social network to the blue bird.

Do you understand their reaction?

Disney: the release of “Cruella” worries animal defense associations!


“From the start, I realized that I saw the world differently from others, which some people didn’t like. But I wasn’t made for everyone. I guess they were afraid I was a… psychopath, ”we hear at the start of the trailer.

You might have expected it, but the Disney movie will look back at the villain’s origins. However, she will change her face somewhat. Indeed, Emma Stome will play the character of Cruella. Very cool !

The young actress will give the answer to Emma Thompson that you have surely seen in Return to Howard Ends or Reason and Feeling. But also to Paul Walter Hauser who played in The Richard Jewell Case. A very good casting then!

The Disney film will immerse us in the 70s, in London. In other words in full rock movement! The villain of the story will prove to be determined to make a name for herself in the fashion world. But dating will bring out more and more the dark side of his personality. To a point of no return …

Do you think you will be there next May?


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