Disney Created a $5,000 drink from an Easter Egg from Star Wars


A deeply sliced Easter egg from Star Wars has turned into one of the most expensive cocktails in the galaxy. The drink draws inspiration from a little-known but notable moment in “The Empire Strikes Back,” when a character named Willrow Hood runs out of Cloud City with a container in his hand that looks like an ice cream maker. Hood appears in the film for less than three seconds, but his funny-clumsy escape has become a kind of cult, inspiring cosplay and even a character figure.

Few realized that this scene would play an important role in future installments of the Star Wars franchise. When the first season of the series “Mandalorian” debuted on Disney+ in 2019, the series made a subtle reference to the Hood scene and added additional context to the so-called ice cream maker. This item is actually known as a Kamtono and is used to store valuable items such as the Beskar from the Mandalorian. The show’s creator, Jon Favreau, has openly talked about creating a backstory around Hood’s prized possessions. Kamtono continues to appear in other Star Wars stories, most recently in The Boba Fett Book.

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Now Disney has created another valuable item to store in a real working Kamtono — a $5,000 cocktail known as the Kaiburr Crystal. The drink can be purchased at the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge on board the newly opened Disney Wish cruise ship. Spectrum News 13 journalist Ashley Carter shared a video of Kaiburr Crystal with Camtono in action:

The most expensive drink in the galaxy. The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge at Disney Wish has a $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal drink. pic.twitter.com/ZcUp3yt0RI

Disney has not yet revealed what exactly makes this drink so valuable, but it can be assumed that the ingredients are either ultra-premium or very expensive. There is no doubt that Camtono also increases the cost. Although $5,000 for a drink may seem excessive, Star Wars fans are known to pay a lot of money for new items. A financially successful cruise ship passenger dropping money on Kaiburr Crystal should not be surprising.

In addition to the price, the Kaiburr Crystal cocktail is a rather creative hint at the niche fandom of Willrow Hood. The drink complements Hood’s legacy in the history of “Star Wars”, especially attracting fans who like little-known references. Given its importance in recent Star Wars content, and now in a premium-priced drink, Camtono is on track to become as recognizable as items like holocrons and Wayfinders, something Hood is certainly proud of.