Disney + could win password division for adult movies


Disney + may soon receive a new division to accommodate films rated for adults. According to a rumor shared on Twitter, the category will allow the launch of violent films and series with heavier themes, content that has not gained space on the platform today.

The source of the speculation is Bill Hunt, founder of Digital Bits and a writer. The content producer said he had heard conversations about the launch of an “adult” category, which would include productions from Fox and Touchstone Films.

According to Hunt, the new division for adult-oriented films includes diverse content with 4K support and has a security mechanism to prevent children from accessing it. According to the source, the user will be able to set a password to limit the segment of productions classified for over 18 years.

Warming up the competition

So far, Disney has not officially commented on the matter and all information should be considered rumors. However, launching an adult content division makes sense for Mickey Mouse’s streaming service.

While the catalog of productions under Disney’s umbrella is vast, the company has focused on familiar content in its streaming service. With the novelty, the company can gain more strength in the competition against competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which have original productions that do not skimp on blood and violence, like The Boys.

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In addition to expanding the possibilities for an older audience, a category for adults would also allow the launch of Hulu productions internationally. The platform acquired entirely by Disney last year is only available in the United States and Japan.


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