Disney + Cara Dune announced the end of its character!


Shock on the web! The Disney + platform announces the end of the character of Cara Dune in the series The Mandalorian and panics fans!

Bad news for fans of the character Cara Dune! Disney + has just announced the end of this character in The Mandalorian following the dismissal of Gina Carino!

Disney + is definitely making the buzz with its cult series The Mandalorian! And for good reason … Since its release in 2019, the series based on the Star Wars universe has been unanimous on the web!

It’s simple, fans love it and ask for more and more! Besides, it’s not for nothing that a season 3 is underway!

Unfortunately for fans, the original cast of the Disney + series won’t be complete! Indeed, Lucas Film fired American actress Gina Carino following her controversial remarks!

And yes, Lucas Film fired the actress without any remorse! Known for having sparked many controversies on the web, Disney has also described some of its posts as “odious and unacceptable”!

But that’s not all ! The character of Cara Dune, played by Gina Carino, will be abandoned by the production! Shock!

Yesterday, Disney and Lucasfilm indeed announced the abandonment of the cult character of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian but also of the entire Star Wars franchise! So there will ultimately be no one to replace Gina Carino in the role of Cara Dune …

Disney + announces the end of the character of Cara Dune (The Mandalorian)!


Shock for the fans! The official announcement has fallen: Cara Dune will not be returning to The Mandalorian!

Indeed, Lucasfilm has officially confirmed the dismissal of actress Gina Carano following her latest posts! She had, among other things, made fun of the Covid vaccine but also compared the Republicans to the Jews of Nazi Germany on her Instagram account!

For the occasion, Lucas Film and Disney + took the floor to explain themselves! “Gina Carano is no longer employed by Lucasfilm. It is not expected that it will be in the future. His social media posts denigrating people because of their cultural and religious identity are heinous and unacceptable. ” they confide in their last interview!

Although fans are disappointed that Cara Dune is missing from Disney +, they agree with the production’s decision! The #CaraDune is making the buzz on Twitter!

“I just heard about what happened with the actress who plays Cara Dune… I’m so disappointed, right now there are so many revelations like that it’s tiring. Just to see the real faces of people. #CaraDune ”thus comments a user on twitter.

“The decision makes sense! Cara Dune: Her words were I. N. A. C. C. E. P. T. A. B. L. E and it wasn’t the first time. When you say such things, you have to expect anything … “explains another.


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