Disney+ Announces The Premiere of New Documentaries About BTS and J-Hope in 2023


Disney+ has announced two new projects dedicated to BTS, which are scheduled to premiere next year.

The streaming service showed both documentaries earlier today (November 30) as part of a broader announcement revealing a number of upcoming productions that will be available through the service in 2023.

BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star, described as a “musical documentary series”, will be broadcast on the service as an exclusive Disney+ original. Described as a chronicle that “charts the incredible journey of 21st century pop icon BTS,” BTS Monuments is said to provide “unprecedented access” to the band’s extensive collection of music and video footage from the last nine years of their existence. existence. The series will also feature the daily lives, thoughts and plans of the seven BTS members, “who are preparing for the second chapter.”

In addition to a comprehensive documentary about BTS, a solo documentary about J-Hope is also in development to be released on Disney+, albeit without a publicly confirmed title. According to the streamer, this series will “follow pop star J-Hope ahead of his recently released solo album,” referring to “Jack In The Box,” which was released in July. The show will feature behind-the-scenes footage of the album preparation process, his iconic performance at Lollapalooza 2022, as well as footage of the album listening party.

At the time of publication, no information has been published about the premiere dates of both productions or other details regarding the number of episodes, etc. However, they are expected to be presented in the coming months.

As for other news about BTS, bandmate RM is currently preparing for the release of his solo debut album “Indigo”, which is due to be released this weekend on December 2. ), featuring several guest artists who joined forces with RM to record the album.

Selected Indigo artists include Anderson Paak, Scoreboard from Epik High, Paul Blanco, Erica Baduch and others. Although “Indigo” will be RM’s debut solo album, it will follow the BTS member’s two mixtapes — 2015’s self-titled “RM” and 2018’s “mono”.


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