Disney Announces How Mulan’s Digital Sales Will Work


Disney recently announced that Mulan will be released on Disney + on September 4, and announced how digital sales will work. Users will be able to purchase Mulan on Apple, Roku and Google platforms in addition to Disney +’s website.

Earlier this month, Disney announced that its live-action movie Mulan, whose vision date was delayed several times, will be released on Disney +. The giant budget production, which will not be shown in theaters in countries where the coronavirus epidemic is severe, especially in the USA, will premiere on Disney + on September 4 instead.

Last day, Disney quietly made some changes to its website for the production of digital purchase options that were curious. With the changes, the company will offer Mulan to Disney + subscribers for an extra $ 30 on Apple, Roku and Google platforms in addition to its website. The company did not provide information on when the movie will be available free of charge to subscribers.

What kind of movie is Mulan?

Mulan, whose release date was delayed many times and finally decided to be released digitally, is known as the live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1998 classic animated movie. The film, directed by Walt Disney Pictures, tells the story of a fearless young woman risking everything for her love for her family and country, becoming one of the greatest warriors in Chinese history.

Directed by Niki Caro, whom we know from the films North Country and The Zookeeper’s Wife, the production features names such as Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Li Gong, Jet Li, Jason Scot Lee, Yoson An and Tzi Ma. taking.

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Disney’s expectations for Mulan, which was shot with a huge budget of over $ 200 million, are quite high. Whether the film, which will only be released digitally in key markets such as the USA and Western Europe, will deliver the expected success, we will only see in the coming days.


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