Disney and Star: 300 series and films premiere


There have been months in which Netflix has contributed more than a hundred new releases, and weeks in which adding all the contents of those 7 days from various VOD platforms, we have had up to 140 – 150 new series to watch.

But Disney is a lot of Disney, and it comes ready to smash records. If it already did so in its premiere with a catalog of classics from hundreds of series and films, this February it will break another record, because in a single day more than 300 contents will arrive.

Disney + more expensive by the Star catalog
The success of its platform and its ambitious expansion plans have led Disney to make the decision to slightly increase the price of the Disney + subscription. If it is now worth 6.99 per month, from February 2021 -on the 23rd to be exact-, Disney + will cost 8.99 throughout Europe, in an increase of € 2 per month that will bring with it the inclusion of the Star content platform, which includes more adult-oriented productions of:

21st Century Studios
Freeform Searchlight
Disney Television Studios

The million dollar question, what if you are already subscribed? Well, if you renew on a monthly basis, from the March invoice you will pay € 8.99. And if you are subscribed for a whole year, when your subscription cycle ends, you will pay the new monthly amount. First we’re going to review the Disney + premieres themselves, and below we’ll list ALL the content that will come with Star.


February 5, 12, 19, 26
New chapters of Wandavision

Opting for the same strategy as The Mandalorian, Wandavisión or The Scarlet Witch and Vision brings a new chapter every Friday, and this month we can see four of them, the end of the season being for the beginning of March.

February 19
Full glee

A musical series from the creator of American Horror Story that ended 6 years ago, Glee aired from 2009 to 2015, and it still remains in the memory of its fans for its characters and musical numbers. And Disney + brings its 6 seasons to its catalog.

February 26
Kyle XY complete

One of the first series that came with the change in TV at the beginning of the century, Kyle XY is the story of a teenager with no memories who knows nothing of his past, and who does not have a navel either.


February 19
Flora and Ulysses

Based on a Newberry Award novel, the new Disney + original film tells the story – and adventures – of Flora, a 10-year-old girl addicted to comics in a production to show that the world of comics is not just for them.


February 5
Inside Pixar

Absolute geniuses of animation, Disney + premieres a documentary that takes us through the ins and outs of the studio author of masterpieces such as Toy Story, Up, Monsters SA, Brave, etc. An opportunity to see the creative process at Pixar, from the first brainstorming to the final animation renders.

Chosen for Glory

Based on the book by Tom Wolfe and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Bros, National Geographic’s Chosen for Glory narrates in its 8 episodes the North American space program that culminated with the arrival of man on the Moon, converted into what we could call as the first reality show in the USA starring the astronauts of the Mercury program and the mythical ‘Mercury 7, the first astronauts, who overnight became the prototypes of USA heroes and true icons in American society, which sought regain the prestige lost when the Soviets outstripped them in the space program.


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