Disney +: 1st rating with over 73 million subscribers!


Who says confinement says series under a plaid … And in the game, Disney + is doing well! It already has 73 million subscribers!

Happy Birthday, Disney +! Indeed, the platform was released on screens in the United States on November 12, 2019 … A year later, it has gained quite a few subscribers around the world.

Thus, confinements across the world may have played a role. Indeed, all of Europe and part of America had to shut everything down to prevent the covid from spreading. As a result, quite a few of us have watched series …

But Netflix is ​​no longer alone on the market! Amazon Prime was trying to bring a little competition … But Disney + launched a big wave! With the animated ones, but also the Marvel ones, the fans followed…

Especially since The Mandalorian, in the Star Wars universe, also managed to get fans to come! The cute “mini-Yoda” thus succeeded in making the platform known. In fact, a year later, the results look pretty good.

Disney + boasts 73 million subscribers one year after its launch. Even more, more than 13 million subscribers have joined the platform in the last three months … A lock-down effect?


A fairly good score for Mickey’s group, so… But who also risks climbing. Because the platform should soon open to Latin America! New market, and therefore, new subscribers?

A big start for Disney +, but the company does not stop there … It does indeed have Hulu (36 million subscribers) and ESPN (10.3 million) which are doing quite well. And revenue, to the tune of $ 4.9 billion, follows too!

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Incredible results … But encouraging, compared to Netflix. Because the platform had more than 195 million subscribers after the third quarter of 2020. Not counting the second lock-down, so …

A target to be sought for Disney + which must expand its catalog to hope to join the big red N. But after a year, 73 million subscribers are already celebrating!


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