Disintegration says goodbye to its multiplayer


V1 Interactive confirms the closure of Disintegration multiplayer. It will be carried out in phases until November 17, when it is permanently turned off.

V1 Interactive confirms the discontinuation of Disintegration’s multiplayer activity. The closing will take place in several phases; the first occurred on September 17, when the ingame store was deleted. It will gradually fade until November 17, the date on which the elimination will be completed. The single player campaign mode will not be affected.

Through a statement on its website, the study ensures that they will continue to “take risks” by following “creative currents and supporting ideas.” They believe that “the video game industry needs constant innovation.”

“Both the development team at V1 Interactive and the publisher Private Division, we stand behind the creative risks taken in releasing such a unique and genre-shifting game by a small, but talented and passionate team. While our user base showed interest in the single player campaign, the game was unfortunately unable to build a necessary audience to deliver a compelling multiplayer experience. After considering various options, we have decided to completely stop multiplayer support ”, they conclude, but not without first thanking those who played it.

More lights than shadows

In our analysis, we said that Disintegration failed to offer the player “great moments”. “It is a game with an original approach and an excessively simple and limited execution, which does not manage to catch the player or offer him great moments.” At least the campaign, fell too many times “in the boredom”, although it did not get to be a disaster. “A game can have errors and irregular elements, but it should avoid falling into indisference, and that ends up happening too many times with what Disintegration proposes”, we concluded.

The project led by Marcus Lehto, co-creator of Halo, is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam). In our impressions of the multiplayer, we saw that there were too many difficult problems to solve.


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